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Welcome to Ryan Hammetter for Cedarburg School Board

Hello! My name is Ryan Hammetter and I am running for Cedarburg School Board. I believe it will take thoughtful and pragmatic leadership to build outstanding schools and prepare students for real world success. My engineering background and extensive service on both boards and committees throughout the community make me uniquely qualified to bring the critical thinking and diplomatic skills necessary to address some of the most pressing challenges our district faces.


About Me

About Me:
• Father to two Cedarburg School District Students (Westlawn Grades 4 & 2)
• We Energies – Senior Engineer
• University of Wisconsin Madison – Bachelor of Science Electrical Engineering
• Fourth Generation Cedarburg Resident
• City of Cedarburg Public Works & Sewerage Board – Commissioner
• Ozaukee Nonprofit Center – Board Secretary
• Illuminate Ozaukee Committee – Chairman
• Cedarburg Little League – Coach

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My Core Values


Belief In Public Education

A strong K-12 public education system is the right of every American. I was fortunate to attend great public schools and even earned my degree from a public institution. I will work to ensure the same is true for my children who are enrolled in Cedarburg Schools.

Attract and Retain the Best Educators

I believe to continue as a premier district, Cedarburg must attract and retain the best educators and treat them as the professionals they are. We must pursue a balance between maintaining strong performance objectives, optimizing resources, and stifling the passion to teach.

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Listen to Hear

Parents, students, and community members should expect to be heard by the board of education. They should expect two-way communication and transparency. Public comment must be reinstated at monthly board meetings so that community members may express concerns.

Prepare Students for Real World Success

I am an advocate for preparing Cedarburg students for real world success. In our ever-changing world, students will need to develop in the critical areas of S.T.E.A.M, but even more essentially, will need to be equipped with important soft skills like the ability to think critically, empathize, problem solve, and work as a team.

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Fiscal Responsibility

Stewardship of community tax dollars is a serious responsibility. I will bring the asset management skills I have developed as a project manager into CSD budget discussions to ensure we put funding where it matters most.

Find Strength In Our Differences

I am concerned about the growing polarization I see in our community. I worry about the extreme rhetoric I hear from both sides of the aisle and the damaging effects of partisan politics on our schools. I understand that my worldview is not the only worldview – and we can always learn something from the experiences of one another as long as we choose to engage with humility and respect.

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Create a Safe Space

The health and safety of our students should be a top priority. Cedarburg must be thoughtful about updating our outdated human growth and development curriculum and pandemic response plan in a way that still allows parents to make choices for their families. These are not one size fits all discussions, but we must ensure that Cedarburg schools are a safe and welcoming environment for all students.


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